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STAR SATELLITE is your local, trusted, authorized retailer in Milwaukee for DISH Network, DirecTV, AT&T, Charter and Time Warner Cable.  We offer the best value and the best deals in programming and services.  You may have heard similar claims on television or radio, but STAR SATELLITE will show you how we can provide the best value!

Check out our programming lineup from STAR SATELLITE and special promotions on satellite television from DISH and Direct TV.  You will not find a better deal for satellite TV.  Only satellite TV delivers superior programming, technology and value and backs up its claims.

As a valued customer you'll always be able to talk the same people.  When you call Dish Network or Direct TV directly you'll get someone different every time.  STAR SATELLITE employs professionals that know the community, our product  and care about quality customer service.  Our highly-trained staff has some of the best offers and subscription deals for satellite TV, internet and phone service in the greater Milwaukee area, all of Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

We also have our own professional installation technicians.  They are knowledgeable, thorough, friendly and helpful.  If you call Dish Network or Direct TV for satellite TV, they will send a subcontractor to your home for the installation.  You may never see that subcontractor again.  With STAR SATELLITE, you’ll be able to reach our office and we can connect you with your installer.

If you're not sure if you can get satellite signal, we will provide you with a FREE signal check for your home or business.

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Dish Network Direct TV Milwaukee WI
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Dish Network Satellite Authorized Dealer Retailer
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